Jess Orr

Jess is a mixed media artist who primarily works in 2D but occasionally breaks out into something a little more 3D, be it concrete or broken crockery. Looking at the works on display, architectural forms, structure, line and colour are all integral to these works. Their simplicity is intentional. The pairing down of the works as they progress is where the good stuff starts to happen. Adding in and taking away until the spacial play brings a certain harmony and balance to the eye.

Jess studied Fine Art and has travelled and lived abroad, has worked in the education and design sector. Currently based in Stroud Jess works for an international artist who’s practice is utterly different – this allows plenty of headspace for undertaking her own projects.

Jess Orr – A Touch of Laburnum
Paint, paper and pencil on wood

Jess Orr – The Atrium / Langoustine Splash
Paint, paper and pencil on wood

Jess Orr – Modernist Planes
Concrete, metal, plastic, plant matter and paint

Jess Orr – Flight Path
Concrete, wood, metal, plastic, pencil lead, rubber, paper and paint

Jess Orr – Dust, Wings and Waves
Concrete, wood, paint and glass

Jess Orr – Interplay
Paint, ink and printed media on board

Jess Orr – Berlin Scape
Paint, pencil, printed media and stitch work on canvas

Jess Orr – Sampling #BBL7282
Printed Media

Jess Orr – Corner Plot, 2016
Paint, paper, pencil on canvas
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