Beatrice Brown

Beatrice Brown was raised in North London. During her formative years her band Beastellabeast was signed to cult label HorseGlue Records. She made three albums as Beastellabeast with Steve ‘Stella’ New (Public Image Limited, Iggy Pop) before he died in 2010. Beatrice also was Ellen Page’s supporting actress in Alison Murray’s independent feature film ‘Mouth to Mouth’ aged 19. She has collaborated musically with post-punk phenomenon Selfish Cunt, and East-end heartbreakers Deadcuts in recent years.


Beatrice is a trans-disciplinary artist, whose practice incorporates painting, drawing and music, as well as video, 3d and live-art performance.


Her paintings and drawings enquire into archetypal subconscious imagery, alchemic process, quantum theory,

and violence.


Over the past 12 months she has generated a large collection of ink drawings that are acutely personal responses to trauma, love, sexuality and the arcane.


Her video and performance retranslates the notions of intuitive ritual. Her ‘Caravan of Ascension’ was a live art installation for the first Cornish Biennale, using EEG technology, Ionosphere resonance and divinatory improvisation to create the potential quantum leap into parallel dimensional realities. Audience members included Nick Serota and his wife.


Beatrice has shown at Flowers Gallery Cork Street (Artist of The Day, endorsed by Tim Shaw RA), TAKE EAT, ART14, Millennium Gallery St Ives, Pure Evil, The Roundhouse and the ICA. She is currently showing new video works at Herrick Gallery, Piccadilly for October 2016. Her debut solo show, curated by James Birch at Gallery46 Whitechapel is scheduled early 2017.


Beatrice has two children and lives in the Cotswolds

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