James Green

James Green works quickly. He is a predominantly a portrait artist and begins his process by rapidly sketching passers-by. James works from these initial sketches to create multiple, loose representations of the original. He paints with haste, relishes accidents, uses ripped up T-shirts as brushes, and listens to hip hop whilst he works. Behind every one of James’s paintings lies the shadow and marks from numerous previous attempts. James’s favourite material is soft pastels. He loves the way the pastels stick to the paint below and create something new.


James was born in Britain, worked for many years in Sydney and now lives in Bath. He studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and, following graduation, founded online studio and clothing brand ‘Greenthorne’. Here, James exhibits his sketches (including Smokey Joe and 10 Second Geezer) and paintings (Floating Head 1 and Puzzled Paul). James’s work can be found in Bristol, London and Barcelona and – recently – the Castle Gallery in Mayfair.

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