Abigail Fallis

Abigail Fallis (MRBS) is a celebrated British artist. She works in mixed media, experimenting widely with what comes to hand from her surroundings, anything from bones to bronze.


She first came to public attention during the noughties Britart phenomenon by hand-stitching men’s Y-front underwear garments, The sardonic pants would go on to inspire future works including URINAL, a stainless steel and neon sculpture (an ode to Duchamp the father of modern art).


Fallis’ iconic sculptures include DNA DL90 a nine meter high “Double Helix” of shopping trolleys, her Bronze Fish Series; bronze-coated fish skeletons the bronze acting as a sarcophagus for the sacred bones held within these sculptures.  The Fast Supper (below) a papier mache interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting the Last Supper (her distortion of everyday food, such as hamburgers and hotdogs, is here translated to comment on the mass consumption of mass-produced product, combining the insatiable appetite for fast food with an increasing awareness of the economic and environmental effects of how and what we consume).


Tom Hodgkinson of the Idler writes of Fallis: ‘Funny, beautiful and deadly serious: it’s a rare combination but a great one.’




Abigail Fallis – Urinal
Giclee Print, Edition of 12. Work comes signed, mounted and wrapped.

Abigail Fallis – ‘Empty’
Giclee Print, Edition of 12. Work comes, signed, mounted and wrapped.
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