Monthly Archives: April 2018

Soozy Roberts

Soozy Roberts is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator who uses the body, objects and environment as an accumulative site for work, in a surreal and darkly humorous nature.  Her work uses common motifs and objects to explore the self, unspoken anxieties and our relationship to ‘the other’.   She questions the political through the domestic, addressing poignant issues around the body, in a world obsessed with beauty and glamour.  Roberts’ work is flavoured by memories relating to family, femininity, Welshness and ‘home’.


Soozy was winner of the Sir Leslie Joseph Young Artist Award, 2008 and has exhibited widely including Arnolfini in Bristol, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and Points d’impact festival, Geneva.  Roberts works closely with artist Lorraine Robbins as ‘Robbins and Roberts’ in bringing together their work for a range of immersive and curated artistic projects, most recently the ‘Robbins and Roberts Pleasure Gardens’ at The Museum in the Park, Stroud.


Robert Owen Bloomfield

Bloomfield’s art combines ideas of his two favourite artists – Rothko and Gormley – by placing figures in stark and sometimes harsh landscapes with unyielding horizons. His favourite material is spray paint: “I often used spray paint as a teen when out creating guerrilla art with friends in London. The idea of using street material in a more traditional way appeals to me”. He prefers working with the cool tones of greys and black as it leaves more to the viewer’s imagination.

The art Bloomfield creates comes from endless introspection, and a variety of inspiration. His work is thoughtful, and presented in an accessible way for a wide audience.