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Elle Kaye

Elle Kaye has been practising taxidermy for seven years, and now successfully runs her own company providing luxury and bespoke taxidermy for galleries, interior designers and collectors.


Her practise seeks to evoke a sense of magic through the delicate aesthetic of taxidermy. The respect she returns to the animals ensures they are carefully and modestly posed, as they’re introduced to the art sphere. For a stigmatically macabre profession, Elle is able to retranslate the concept of death with a soft femininity.


With her fine art and sculpture background, her application of these skills helps to inform her modern and clean style. With minimalism taking precedent in her work, Elle feels that because the animal has so much external beauty, it’s crucial not to distract from it. Rather she compliments her taxidermy with simple bases, and delicate attention to detail.


Elle has exhibited alongside Polly Morgan and Damien Hirst and is fast becoming a name to remember in the art world.

Mark Stopforth

Over the course of Marks 20 years as an artist, Marks’ work has been devoted to the untamed and wild landscapes that can be found in the Moors, Fens, Fells and Estuaries of Britain. He has carried the impressions of the sublime in the landscapes that were left on him as a child growing up in the Fens of East Anglia.


Recently it has been the vast immersive spaces of moorland, fen and river estuary that have consumed his imagination – evoked through the medium of charcoal, pencil and oil. Mark’s influences include the calligraphic paintings of Cy Twombly, the tonal ink paintings of Hosagawa Tohaku and the landscapes of Constable, Claude, Cottman and Turner.


He has exhibited work all over the country, most notably on a number of occasions at the RWA, Bristol as well as Cornwall (where he is represented by Badcocks Gallery) and London.


Mark is also a successful published poet. He was shortlisted for the Brit Writers’ Award 2012 and won Fleeting Magazines International Best Short Writing 2010.

Bisley House Launch Party

We can’t wait to welcome you all to the launch of the exciting collaboration between ourselves and Bisley House on March 9th. Come and celebrate the new walls in this beautiful little restaurant.


Bisley House

We’re THRILLED to be collaborating with the wonderful Bisley House in Stroud from March onwards. Showcasing a host of talented artists with a mixture of prints, originals and sculptures all available to buy. We’re so very excited to be working on a new exhibition. Please come and celebrate with us on March 9th, everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you all.